Music exists distinctively in every culture and is a basic expression of human experience. Students’ active participation in music fosters understanding of other times, places, cultures and contexts. Through continuous and sequential music learning, students listen to, compose and perform with increasing depth and complexity. Through performing, composing and listening with intent to music, students have access to knowledge, skills and understanding, which can be gained in no other way. Learning in Music is aurally based and can be understood without any recourse to notation. Learning to read and write music in traditional and graphic forms enables students to access a wide range of music as independent learners.

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Have Fun with Music at Home!

Below are some links to activities that can be found on the internet and require no special training on your part so that your child can still participate in music in lots of ways at home. I hope you enjoy engaging in these activities with your child. 

Songs, Games and Activities:

Charlie Over the Ocean

A circle game similar to ‘duck duck goose’ with an echo song to sing. This channel has several other music games to play.


A drumming activity from a P.E. teacher. Can be done with exercise ball, drum or even a cardboard box! Follow along to the routine. This channel has several other similar activities.

Body Percussion 

A great warm up activity using body percussion. This channel has other body percussion and music based activities – some more complex than others, so please watch first to see if they are an appropriate level of difficulty for your child. 

Beat Keeping 

This is a playlist of short classical music pieces that can be used for practicing keeping a steady beat at different tempos and time signatures. Clap, tap your knees, walk or play an instrument along to the beat of the music! 

iPad Apps 

  • Thicket: Classic – a continuous ‘electronic’ beat that changes when you touch the screen. Includes visuals to match what is happening with the music.
  • Bloom (search: bloom brian eno) – similar to Thicket, different visuals and calmer music.
  • GarageBand – lots of instruments to explore. Can record voices and live instruments through the inbuilt microphone as well. Lots of our students enjoy listening to themselves talk/sing/vocalise/play instruments.
  • Voice Changer Plus – record voices or other sounds and add an ‘effect’ such as echo, robot, helium and choir. Lots of students have enjoyed experimenting with this app at school.

Other Links

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