The study of English is central to the learning and development of all young Australians. It helps create confident communicators, imaginative thinkers and informed citizens. It is through the study of English that individuals learn to analyse, understand, communicate and build relationships with others and with the world around them. The study of English helps young people develop the knowledge and skills needed for education, training and the workplace. It helps them become ethical, thoughtful, informed and active members of society and plays an important part in developing the understanding, attitudes and capabilities of those who will take responsibility for Australia’s future.


Reading involves active engagement with texts and the development of knowledge about the relationship between them and the contexts in which they are created. It also involves the development of knowledge about a range of strategies for reading. (VCAA, English Curriculum).

Learning Resources for Reading


Learning to write is a​​ complex process encompassing cognitive, physical, social and cultural dimension​​s (Daffern, Mackenzie & Hemmings, 2017).

Learning resources for Writing

Additional Resources

What is Story Box Library?
Story Box Library is a subscription based educational website, created for children to view stories by local authors and illustrators, being read aloud by fantastic, predominantly Australian and New Zealand, storytellers. Use your West Gippsland Library Card to log in.


Download FREE eBooks and eAudiobooks from West Gippsland Libraries new BorrowBox App – the simplest way to download library items from the web!

Fantastic titles for all ages
If any of your students require further assistance, the following is available on this program, it allows you to:
– increase text size
– dyslexic friendly font
– narrow, normal and wide column space to make reading easier
– background can be change to night background for better visual accessibility
– adjust speed of narrator
– Talk-back feature on your device


Ziptales offers you 500+ interactive stories with voiceovers, animations, games, quizzes and more to help make reading FUN! This is available for FREE within this council area for all children, parents and schools, either at your library, school or at home. All you need is a library card.


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