Junior Unit

The junior unit of Warragul & District Specialist School consists of students aged 5 to 10. The junior team work together to create a varied and exciting curriculum.

Each class has a strong focus on routines, the use of visuals and individual learning. Students & staff use a variety of communication tools including PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), Sign (AUSLAN) and voice.

Students participate in a range of activities/programs including Therapy, Community Access, Cooking, Art,Music, Cool School Café and Developmental Play to name a few.


The Developmental Play program runs weekly, all junior classes come together and have the opportunity to choose from a range of play activities.This program aims to:Develop students play skills by providing a variety of play experiences.Engage studentswith high interest activities.Facilitate co operative and imaginative play in our students.Enhance the student’s communication, social and relationship building skills.Link play experiences to classroom literacy and numeracy programs

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In this session a simulated Café is set up.

This program aims to:

Develop communication skills

Give students opportunities to practise social skills

Provide an opportunity for students to be explicitly taught the ‘hidden curriculum’ of socially acceptable behaviour

Allow students to develop money skills

Encourage students to practise their conversational skills