Our school values are Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be a Learner. In keeping with our Bee theme we have created our very own BUZZ TV at WDSS! where we will posting lots of fun and engaging videos for you to enjoy!

The staff at WDSS are being busy bees buzzing around creating a range of content for you to watch on upcoming segments on BUZZ TV! 

In order to bring BUZZ TV to you, WDSS Staff are learning lots of new skills all the time and refining some old  ones too! They are having lots of fun being a learner just like you. It is so wonderful that we all never stop learning.

We look forward to sharing new content with you all regularly.

Hello from WDSS

On Wednesday things got a bit wacky at WDSS! Check out what some of the staff got up to on their Wacky Wednesday! 

Check out the Staff at WDSS as they get super busy practising their ‘Independent Living Skills’What jobs can you help do at home on your own or with help?

Join WDSS Staff as they BUZZ around the world providing you with fun facts about places near and far. 

Mellow Melodies with Colin

Join Colin for the latest episode of Mellow Melodies! Have a break and help keep yourself in the Green Zone by relaxing and listening to some calming tunes.

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